Why did I choose to be an Atheist?

As a little one, my parents told me that there is someone who created us, someone who has powers to control the entire existence, someone who is there to protect all of us. However, due to curiosity, questions about that someone often occurred in my mind. They said, “He is God”. But I kept on asking questions like “Who is he?”, “Where does he live?”, “Have you ever seen him?”. However, no one could answer my “absurd” questions.

For me being an atheist wasn’t being “cool”, “trendy” or “chic”. Being godless never gave me satisfaction. It always felt like running in a circle of questions with no end or conclusion. Being in the mid of nowhere is indeed a struggle. You have no one ask for, no one who’d look upon you, just a flood of million questions.

Many religious theists try to argue atheists into believing in god through the fear of what will happen after dying- either going to hell or simply ceasing to exist. When we do not know the answer to miracles. It is God who is believed to be the answer. The answer to all our prayers, confusions, misconceptions and problems.

So, after years of confusion and unanswered questions, I came to this conclusion that, do I actually need religion to be a good person? Evolution explains human origin and The Big Band theory has explained the origin of the universe. So, what role did God play? I’m not here to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments but, here, just to express my views. I, in fact, respect every religion as well as the people who follow them.

People think that if one does not believe in the almighty then he/she might be a Satanist. You don’t need religion to do good deeds, to be kind, to make people smile. To spread happiness around is what I believe in. To be a good human is what I believe in. They say that we have freedom of religion but still we’ve people attacking people for not following a certain religion. No religious book has ever said that war is the answer. But still, we’ve mobs rioting around in the name of religion. So, are you actually following what your religion says? Is this what is expected from you? But at the end, isn’t it important to be a good person and not hurt anyone? In fact, these people, fighting in the name of religion, killing people, destroying families are the ones who absolutely have no knowledge of what their religion teaches.

As I went on to consider myself as non-religious, I started to have faith in myself, a faith which no one could break. I started to believe in my capacity. I’ve promised myself to be a good person no matter what the circumstances are. Till today, my questions about the existence of God have not been answered but until then, I will continue do my purpose, the purpose of spreading joy.IMG_0612